“Hayley has an innate ability to connect with, and capture the essence of her subjects within her photographs, Hayley enhances her work with her unique artistic flair, the special effects applied to her photography offers her client’s something beyond special, her works are timeless treasures.

Hayley exhibited an extraordinary gift when working with my children, whilst creatively guiding them and allowing them to be free to play, she becomes one with her camera so even the shyest child was happy , co-operative, engaged and enjoyed the photography session.

I was blown away with the images, absolutely amazing.”

Sarah Peni

“I have studied the photographs of Hayley Theyers closely for more than a year now.
I say ‘closely’ because they tend to draw you in. Once ‘in’ you stay there for a time.
Obviously Hayley has technical ability and she knows the correct use of light and shutter speeds etc.
Many people know this.
But what Hayley Theyers possesses is the ability to illuminate the soul of the people she
photographs. She seems to have the ability to go into her subjects and draw them out in a very beautiful,sensitive and empathetic manner. She treads softly.They are always beautiful photographs. They are delicate.
I own a poster company which specialises in putting beauty in the streets of New Zealand.
I don’t say this to blow my own trumpet, but merely to say that I might just know about
beautiful images.”

Jim Wilson - Phantom Billstickers

“We had the pleasure to work with Hayley for a couples photo shoot. Since the very first picture she took, my partner and I felt super comfortable. She is such a creative soul, she’s not just taking picture, it’s like she’s like seeing through you and the final result of the photo shooting was the proof of that! We couldn’t believe how she captured so well the core of our love! We absolutely recommend her for her professionality and her personality.”

Valentina & Sean

“Hayley photographed me for her book on Cult New Zealand musicians. I witnessed her artistic process and the resulting photographs.
Hayley is fast at turning over photographic ideas, and I can tell that she enjoys improvising as part of her process. These skills make Hayley interesting to work with.
Being a technical person myself, I was interested in the camera Hayley was using, which turned out to be very modest. I admire artists who don’t get bogged down in technology, although I sense that Hayley would be at home on any photgraphic equipment, modest or otherwise, she has a natural sense of photography.”

Ed Cake - Musician

“I have had the great pleasure of working with Hayley on a photo shoot we did with me as the model. She was wonderful to work with and displayed a freedom with her creativity that was refreshing. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who needs a great photographer.”

Greg Smith - Actor